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What is a doula? Should you have a doula? What are the benefits? Do you need a doula? Northern Virginia Doula, Culpeper Doula

Peaceful Waters. It’s not just a name or wishful thinking. It’s a mission. It was the birthright spoken over me as an infant and it’s what I strive to bring to each of the families who welcome me as their doula.

It’s also what I want to bring to the world of pregnancy, child birth and parenting resources. You have a million options when you look for perspectives in this area, and I want to offer some that have been tested, proven and found reliable. I strive to be a peaceful stream alternative to the often conflicting information surrounding childbirth.

Birth Positions from Evidence Based Birth
Doulas from Evidence Based Birth
Induction or C-Section for Big Babies from Evidence Based Birth
Injuries During Birth from Birth Injury Center
Six Healthy Birth Practices from Lamaze
Water Birth from Evidence Based Birth

Breastfeeding Made Simple
When should I see an IBCLC? from The Lactation Foundation
Breastfeeding A-Z from LaLeche League

At-Home Prenatal Exercise from Lamaze
Advanced Maternal Age from Evidence Based Birth
Due Dates from Evidence Based Birth
Expecting Better by Emily Oster

Resources for the Working Mama and Family:
Discussions with the Corporate Doula with Averjill Rookwood

Resources for Partners:
The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

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