Making a “Birth Plan”

Let’s be real, there are *A TON* of things to consider when it comes to preferences surrounding your birth. Understanding your birth options, choosing what’s important to you, communicating those priorities to the rest of the birth team, and knowing what might cause a change in those plans is one the most important parts of your birth experience.

Whether you’ve been planning this experience for years, or you’ve been trying to forget that birth is the inevitable conclusion to having a baby, we want to help you make the plan that works for you, gives you the birth experience you want, and guides the new process when things start to go off course.

Check out our Wellness Resources page for evidence based articles and books that we’ve found helpful.
Our Childbirth Education classes are designed to bring you the information you need to understand the birth process, and make informed decisions about your wishes in the birth process.
Studies, parents, and we recommend you consider hiring a doula for your birth. You can read more about them on our page All About Doulas or book a free Initial Consultation on our Doula Services page!

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