Northern Virginia Doula, Culpeper Doula What is a doula? Should you have a doula? What are the benefits? Do you need a doula?
Audrey Cooper, Northern Virginia/Culpeper area birth doula and childbirth educator.

I want every birthing person to feel supported, prepared, and confident as they enter the birth journey.

When you hire me as your birth doula, the support starts right away. We’ll meet to discuss your birth options, plans, and preferences, get to know each other and start building the relationship we’ll need to work well together throughout your birth process. We’ll prepare for the journey ahead, and practice the skills you’ll need as you enter birth and postpartum.


I provide consistent and on-going support both in-person and virtually, from the beginning of labor through birth with a focus on you, the birthing person. A doula’s presence makes it possible for partners to more fully experience the emotional journey of birth with the birthing person.


Birth is not the end of our relationship! In 1-2 post-partum visits I continue my support of the birthing person and family, helping with infant care information, breastfeeding support, and continued focus on the birthing person during the “fourth trimester”.

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