I’m Audrey, the person behind Peaceful Waters Birth Services. I’ve been a trained doula since 2019, and an advocate, support, and huge fan of women, pregnant people, and babies since I was a tot. I’ve spent years developing a career in mental health work, social services, and community support but I didn’t find “my niche” until I found birth work.

After overhearing someone at a party talking about being a doula, I did what any educational opportunist would do and pulled out my phone and got reading. A month later I had completed my DONA birth doula training and started fully immersing myself in the world of birth work.

This work is more than a career to me, more than a way to help my community, to serve and empower others, or lower the occurrence of negative birth experiences. Being a doula calls on my strengths in pursuing mental health and wellness. My creativity and flexible problem solving shine in birth work. My mindset, background in empowering women, and commitment to a judgement free and understanding-rich outlook bring grace and grounding to the people I support. Basically I’ve been training my whole life for this 😉

I serve as the secretary of the Doulas Care Collective, of which I am also a founding member. I’m a member of the Military Birth Resource Network serving the Culpeper, VA and Northern Virginia areas, and a Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator, teaching virtual private and group classes. My next goal is Lactation Counseling, so stay tuned!

I’m also a reader, sci-fi fan, sketch artist with an affinity for historical dress, and recently converted cat person. You can most often find me doing an early 2000s workout video in my living room, playing a video game, or enjoying being outside. I love beaches, lakes, mountains, trees, and yes, even snow.

Culpeper Virginia Birth Doula

I’d love to talk about your birth goals!

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