Meet the Doula!

Once you’ve heard about what a doula is, what she does, the work of hiring one begins. Much of that work is really about connection, about coming together with a birth worker who jives with your style, who fits your needs. This person is going to be present for one of the biggest and most intimate moments of your life, your family’s life! The search for the right doula comes down to finding someone who has what you are going to need in the 11th hour, or 15th, or even 25th. Those kind of connections can be hard to make when we’re all shut up in our houses, and avoiding our physical communities. That connection is still important!

So I’m hosting a Getting to Know You session. A virtual Meet the Doula event. An online meet and greet where you can learn more about the services I offer, have your questions answered, and get a taste of who I am, as a birth worker and a person.

You are most warmly invited! Follow this link to the event page on the Peaceful Waters Facebook page and RSVP to join us!

Friday, 7pm, Zoom.

Published by Audrey

I see everyday as a new chance to grow, love, learn and experience all that life has for me. Join me as I travel, read, listen, eat and embrace life to the fullest!

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