I’m here for you!

Photo by Alex Hockett

Let’s just acknowledge that the world is a bit chaotic right now. Things are even more uncertain if you’re pregnant and looking ahead at the next few weeks and months in anticipation of bringing a baby into the world.

Which is why I wanted to send out this reminder: I am still here for you! Doulas are still doing their work, virtually, via Facetime and Skype and on the phone if not in person. Hospital regulations are changing on a near daily basis, and we’re doing all that we can to be here for you, if we can’t be *there* for you.
I’m currently offering virtual doula services with unlimited access to me as you approach birth, virtual childbirth classes, and informal contact to answer whatever questions you may be considering as you move toward birth day.
You still deserve the birth you’ve been working toward, and I want to help make it happen!
Contact me today to see how I can help!

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I see everyday as a new chance to grow, love, learn and experience all that life has for me. Join me as I travel, read, listen, eat and embrace life to the fullest!

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