Thank you for visiting!

Hello, I’m Audrey, the doula behind Peaceful Waters, and I’m glad you’re here. There are tons of doulas out there, and I’m excited and honored to know that you’re considering including me in your birth experience.

You are welcome in this space! I created it for you, for your pregnant partner, your daughter, your best friend, future you. It exists as a celebration of your plans and goals as a birthing person. It is here to connect you with the information you need to be confident in your choices and feel prepared for the challenges you may face as you work to implement them. It is my remedy for a society with fear as a cornerstone of the birth process, with conflicting stories, not enough celebrations and communication, and too many new parents struggling. I hope to be your resource, the calm oasis as birth comes rushing at you, and a community hub for the perinatal journey.

I’m here for you, so let me know what you need!

Published by Audrey

I see everyday as a new chance to grow, love, learn and experience all that life has for me. Join me as I travel, read, listen, eat and embrace life to the fullest!

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